The Story

"I love what I do and I very much hope you will enjoy what you see."

Fiona, Boutique Owner 

“Every town should have a dress agency” I used to preach and still do to this day.
 Like many I would daydream about running my own business during my steady office-based career over the years and thought that it would only ever happen when I could retire. I had always enjoyed a shopping fix and loved looking for old and new both for myself and the home. As a result, I amassed a lot of lovely things over many, many years.
My life sort of fell apart in 2007 and when the recession started to bite suddenly, I was faced with the opportunity of taking redundancy and trying to fulfil my dream earlier than imagined. Suddenly with no ties that choice was a lot easier.
With my confidence sky high (little did I know what faced ahead!) I looked at several retail premises in Hemel Hempstead and settled on my little shop at no 99 High Street and opened my wardrobes and cupboards at home as did several friends and the door opened in September 2009.
I prided myself right from the start on developing great customer service and welcoming old and new customers alike. This resulted in good recommendations plus regular fabulous clothing and accessories being offered for sale through the Dress Agency whilst I sourced unusual home and giftware.
I have also been so lucky to showcase local artisans’ wares. These range from hand poured candles, cards, decoupage and handsewn items all of which tend to have a vintage vibe.
The last few years have seen great companies such as Hot Tomato (jewellery and accessories) Gisela Graham (home and giftware) MEWS Collective and its sister company Peppermint Grove (diffuser and candle ranges and beauty products) added to my gift ranges.
These brands and the local crafts make F&R Boutique a destination shop in Hemel Hempstead for today’s style savvy shoppers looking for something different at an affordable price.
So, on approaching my 10th Birthday I feel my next step is to share some of my products online for those not able to call in and I very much hope you will enjoy what has been selected. I aim to showcase some lines exclusively online.
I love what I do and I very much hope you will enjoy what you see.