Summertime when the livin’ is easy……

Sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and happy faces are reappearing too. Its amazing what a change of season does to everyone’s mood swing! (Mine included)

I have been a busy bee creating new displays in the store as well as listing lots of goodies on both websites which I hope you all look at from time to time, as well as the social media pages to see what is new?

Red, white, and blue is featuring strongly over the next few weeks leading to the wonderful Platinum jubilee celebrations. It is amazing how you can create a rail full of loveliness with these three colours. Some of the clothing on display are 1950’s inspired and whilst not vintage in age has that strong vintage vibe. Perfect for the occasion. I even have a couple of net petticoats to go under your dress to style your 1950’s look. A great period when even your everyday look was glamorous.

Look out for some videos of outfit ideas be it casual or dressed to the nines. These and lots of pictures will be on the Instagram and Facebook pages in the coming weeks. Do not forget to shout quickly if anything takes your fancy as these pieces usually sell quickly.

From conversations with some of my lovely clients it seems lots of you are now going to weddings and other glamorous events this Summer which is lovely to hear after the past 2 years. I can help you choose your outfit or accessories so please do ask for help when you pop in. If you would prefer a private shop, I am available Sundays and Mondays as well as early evening after the store has closed if you would prefer my undivided attention!

My talented candle creator has also been busy with Royal memorabilia porcelain cups and saucers filled with scented wax. Vintage not your thing? Why not try her t lite sets of red, white, and blue scented candles. Perfect for doting around the dining table or outside during the festivities. Both options available in store only.

My other local artisans have been super busy too creating new handmade items. Our latest is some 1970’s inspired kipper tie applique cards…. I know hard to imagine but what a great Father Days card to ensure an instant smile when opened. I also have some quirky gift ideas too for the event, but as ever be quick as when they sell, that is it!

That is about it for now, please do call in if you are celebrating at the many events in Gadebridge Park during the Jubilee weekend to say hello. It just leaves me to ask you all to raise a glass of champagne and say thank you to Her Majesty for firstly her unfailing loyalty, compassion, and desire to serve us all for seventy glorious years, and secondly always looking so stylish and rocking that colour palette! Enjoy the pageantry and celebrate in style.






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